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Gnomes and Friends is an adjunct site to Teach Wonderment. If you have an interest in books & materials related to holistic education & Waldorf, I invite you to visit by clicking on the rainbow logo above.

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By visiting THE GOOD GNOME you enter the magic realm of Limindoor Woods. Here we have stories, products

& crafts to guide you towards enjoying the healing world of nature β€‹& the wondrous world of the imagination.


​In our GNOME BOOKS you will meet a community of good, wise & kind Gentle-gnomes & their friends. You

will read of their many adventures & learn their very special Code of Kindness. These are stories to share with young children & the young at heart; stories to tell at bedtime, to read & re-read, stories to teach with & to inspire creative play, stories to enhance the experience of nature with & to nourish dreams.

In our GNOME SHOP you will find an assortment of quality products to enhance your child's creative play

in the realm of gnomes. We have just added a new, delightful downloadable GIVING GAME!

In our GNOME CRAFTS you will discover many fun activities to do & things to make to engage your child 

in their experience of nature & in imaginative play.