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Why Gnomes, you may ask? Who are those funny little folk who have become so popular of late?  

Wikipedia says that, “a gnome is a diminutive spirit in Renaissance magic & alchemy, first introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century & later adopted by more recent authors.“

They are typically described as small & having human form, yet very reluctant to interact with humans. And, in that they are reported to live underground, they are classified as earth elementals

Cultural mythology has painted these creatures as both benevolent & evil, much as human beings are. Unfortunately, there are more & more people today who question their benevolence.  

I am not one of those people. I know gnomes to be wise, compassionate, altruistic, moral & humorous creatures.

I started creating my own stories about those woodland creatures after I retired from teaching. Soon I was visited by several muse-gnomes; eight to be exact, eight gnomes whose stories made up my first gnome book, A Donsy of Gnomes.  Now they continue to whisper in my ear so more & more books about gnomes are written. 

These gnomes have shown themselves, not only as Good-gnomes but as quite remarkable creatures. Theirs is a pure, kind & caring morality complete with patience, humor, understanding, & compassion.

I am happy to have been chosen by them to tell their stories & teach their lessons… so that we all may become like the Gentle-gnomes that they are.


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