Melisa Nielsen, of Waldorf Essentials, says of the game  - 

      ​“What a joy it was to watch my children get into this game & find new, fun & silly ways to gift each other, just after one round. They enjoyed being able to give things like hugs & even found it fun to do another's chore for them - because it was part of the game.
     As a mom, I loved that this game can be easily completed in 30 minutes, making me much more apt to stop what I am doing & enjoy it with them. I also enjoyed that, even though my children are five years apart, they both could share favorite stories about these characters.”

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Here are 'KitNTale' toys & books of two delightful gnomes; Pebble & Tommy Tomten. 

Read about them in their sweet 
illustrated storybooks. Then make a tumbling gnome, just the size to fit into a pocket. 

Enjoy the fun of Giving with this non-competitive, downloadable board game.

​​Based on the tales & teachings of the beloved gnomes of Limindoor Woods, this game will help   you practice how to become a Generous & Gentle-gnome.

Comes with a bonus of craft instructions to make  game tokens that can double as delightful toys.

For 2 to 6 players, 4+ years of age & up

(The younger child may need assistance as there is some

reading in the game.)


We offer a charming collection of down-loadable greeting cards for numerous occasions.

Images are from the covers of the gnome books or from colorized illustrations in the books.

Why Gnomes? How your child benefits from hearing stories about gnomes, elves & fairies. This informative  e-Book answers this timely question.

Read about the origins of gnomes, elves & fairies. Discover the benefits to children of hearing these stories.

Learn about how to choose the best of these stories.

A suggested reading list is included.

Gnomes and Friends is an adjunct site to Teach Wonderment. If you have an interest in books & materials related to holistic education & Waldorf, I invite you to visit by clicking on the rainbow logo.


Now you can follow along as you read about Gus & the gnomes as they travel around Limindoor Woods.

Download this set of 4 maps of Limindoor Woods - each from the 4 gnome books.

These maps can be a fun learning tool as well.





​Each has a metal ball inside him, causing him to tumble “head over heels” on any incline. 
Down-loadable storybook & full instructions to easily make a tumbling gnome.



THE GOOD GNOME STORE - all things gnomish


all about good gnomes

Look what Pebble Gnome has brought us!

Here is a special little bag of quartz crystal points... pieces that must have broken off of those crystals Pebble polishes every night.

Pebble's offering is a small (3 x 4") all natural burlap bag, 3 or more crystal points (totaling from 20 - 40 grams) & a tiny 15 page book  that he wrote. Its about how he gardens & cares for the crystals. And he tells how recently the gnomes in Limindoor discovered that the pieces of crystal were Wishing Crystals. He even suggests how to go about wishing on them.

Pebble also asked to WARN you that these little crystal treasures should be NOWHERE NEAR VERY YOUNG children. The crystals are small and a bit sharp! It would make Pebble and Ms. Sigi very sad if little ones were to play with these.

Wouldn't this make a lovely gift for a slightly older child though? Maybe Pebble could help the Tooth Fairy!

The crystals would also look lovely on the Nature Table.

​What else can you think to do with them?