the 3 book series of The Tales of Limindoor Woods 

​​​Gnomes & Friends: 
'Tales of Limindoor Woods'
book 2
Here the series continues the adventures  of  the Gnomes  of  Limindoor Woods, with  friends  old  & new.
•    Revisit many old friends & meet several new ones who found their way into the magic of those woods. 

•    Read about their exciting exploits & a certain special adventure that leads to a singular mystery.

•    Learn also from the many new teachings of

how to be an honest, brave, patient, observant, caring

& generous Gentle-gnome.

Includes questions for discussion & a

yummy recipe!

 "Amazing as always! 

These are exciting stories to savor - stories to captivate the gentle soul yet engage the active child with humor & adventures - wise stories

in which gnome-sized

lessons abound." 
 Melisa Nielsen, Waldorf Essentials​

This is recommended for children aged 6+ & up. Sequential chapters.

234 pages    $14.50

​​  A Donsy of Gnomes, 

7 gentle gnome stories

This is the book that started it all.

Here you will meet 8 charming gnomes who teach gnome-sized lessons in generosity, selflessness, courage, resourcefulness & friendship. Here too are practical ideas for you to create your own Gnome World with your children through plays, puppetry, costumes, nature tables & much more.


"What a perfect little book for young children! Take your child on a charming & jaunty journey through the worlds of the wee folk. It’s just the thing for sweet dreams at night, or a pause in the midst of a busy day. I predict that this will be one of the books that will remain alive in your children’s hearts long after they have grown and have children of their own.” 

--Nancy Parsons,

These separate stories to read over and over are recommended for the child aged 4+ & up. ​Illustrated with black & white drawings. 186 pgs. $14.50

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Let these books take you 

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The Way of Gnome: 
'Tales of Limindoor Woods'

book 1

In this new book series

you will encounter many of the gnomes you met in A Donsy of Gnomes & meet some others too.
•    Learn the ‘Way of Gnome’, the code of conduct taught, by ancient tradition, to raise generation upon generation of

•    Learn how certain gnomes originally came to Limindoor & discovered

their Gifts, so

that they could give

back to the world.

•    Meet young Gus & join him on his journey into the enchantments, magic & lessons of Limindoor Woods.

 “Wonders and adventures abound in these captivating and imaginative tales. And throughout this splendid book are found the universal Ways - five wise & kind principles that can also inspire us humans as we guide the growth & well-being of our own little ones.”      

- Ann Cowart Lutzky,

award-winning author of  

Those Beautiful Eyes

This is recommended for children aged 6+ & up.
Sequential chapters.  ​

165 pages    $14.50

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The ​​Gnomes' Rosette:  

'Tales of Limindoor Woods'

book 3​
Now this series continues with a charming & unexpected tale of loving kindness. Autumn has come to the magical realm of Limindoor Woods, bringing with it a time of  Preparation, Celebration & Change!

•  With its arrival there is work to do & fun to have  

•   With it comes news of a poignant loss that teaches us about the ‘Cycle of Life’
•  And with it comes the arrival of an enchanting

new friend whose actions confirm the power of love.

“There are wonders & adventures aplenty in

these wise, enchanting

& imaginative tales of kindness & goodness. These are stories to

uplift & inspire

child & parent alike.”      

  ~ Ann Cowart Lutzky,

award winning author of 

Those Beautiful Eyes

This is recommended for children aged 6+ & up. 

Sequential chapters.

244 pages    $14.50

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