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Sieglinde 'Sigi' De Francesca, MEd

For more than 40 years I have sought to awaken a sense of wonderment as an artist & teacher, consultant & mentor, author & storyteller. After an early career in the theater as drama teacher & costumer I taught Kindergarten & the Early Grades in Waldorf & public schools. I operated a preschool in Italy, taught countless workshops on the arts, storytelling & puppetry, and consulted with & taught homeschooling families in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a result of my workshops, I  published two curriculum books & produced a DVD set. I have also created a series of children's books that have toy designs to go with them called "Kit N Tales".  

Several years ago I wrote a collection of gnome stories, A Donsy of Gnomes - stories that have brought a lot of joy to young children world wide. More recently I began a new series of gnome chapter books for the 6 year old and up, called 'The Tales of Limindoor Woods.' The first book, The Way of Gnome is now followed by Gnomes & Friends. I am currently working on the third one now. 

When not writing, or enjoying the company of my dear husband, Jim, or enjoying our four grandchildren, or playing with our cat, or traveling, I daydream!    (Although my hair appears to be blue in the photo, a rather pretty blue, it is not. ;-)

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